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Having functioning windshield wipers is vital to the reliability of your vehicle. Windshield wipers are a small part of your car, but they have a big impact on your driving and overall safety. They remove rain, snow, dirt, pollen, frost and other debris quickly and smoothly at the push of a button! ... So even if you hardly use them, wiper blades still need to be replaced at regular intervals.

5 Signs Your Windshield Wipers Need Updating

1.    The Wiper Blades Show Signs of Wear – You should regularly and properly inspect your wiper blades for signs of wear and tear. If you notice any tears, cracks, chips, or other nicks, it’s time to replace your blades or refill with Wiper Inserts. If you live in areas of extreme temperatures, your wiper blades are more prone to these kinds of damage.

2.    You Notice Streaks on the Windshield – The last thing you want is to be driving in rain or snow and be unable to see past the streaks or hazing left on your windshield by faulty wipers. If you start to notice this, it means your wipers may need to be serviced.

3.    You Often Hear Squeaking – Good windshield wipers shouldn’t make annoying sounds when they move back and forth across the glass. If you hear squeaking or chattering sounds, it means the blades are likely clogged with dirt and oil. Blades in this condition will not clean your windshield evenly, as they will bounce up and down in certain areas as they go. Replacing your wiper blades or your blade inserts will solve this problem.

4.    Seasonal Changes – Extreme weather conditions can lead to damaged or even broken wiper blades. If the softer edges of your wiper blades are primarily showing wear, refill wiper inserts may be a good option. It’s a good idea to inspect your wiper blades at the end of every winter and summer to ensure you have blades best suited for the coming weather conditions.

5.    The Frames Appear Bent – When the frames of your wipers look bent, this is likely a result of rough handling. Blades like this can break unexpectedly, leaving you in a dangerous predicament on rainy or snowy days. If this is the case, it is time to replace the whole wiper blades.

For those looking for an inexpensive replacement route, consider manufacturer wiper inserts which are a fraction of the cost of entire wiper blade.

What Are Wiper Inserts

Wiper insert refills replace just the soft edge of your wiper blades, instead of replacing the entire blade itself. Doing so extends the life of your existing blades and saves you money. You can refill the inserts yourself, or rely on service technicians experts to get the job done for you.

If you replace a wiper blade from a auto parts store most likely you will be replacing the entire wiper which can be expensive in the long run.  Dealership service centers will offer a full inventory of high performance, affordable manufacturer certified parts to choose from.

For those do-it-yourself types who would prefer to change their wiper blades or inserts on their own blades, the dealership parts department will offer a full range of options that were specifically designed for your vehicle.

If you would prefer, I am always willing to replace your blades for you after you pick them up from the parts department. If you prefer wiper blade replacement by our team of Factory Certified Technicians that is available too, just schedule an appointment with the service department.

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