Unicorn Vehicle Search Leads to Donation for Mike's Rides Annual Car Giveaway in Bremerton, WA

Mike Columbus's Blog | Unicorn Vehicle Search Leads to Donation for Mike's Rides Annual Car Giveaway

As sales professionals, our responsibility is to sell the product we represent. When we don’t have the product available that a customer wants, what do we do? Is our only option to force the consumer into something they really don’t want? Or is it possible to provide a remarkable experience by solving their problem and making a friend for life?

This summer John Taylor a local Kitsap County Realtor wanted a unique vehicle, a unicorn of sorts. What he wanted is no longer being made. A 2015 or older Honda Pilot, below 85,000 miles, light interior and exterior, and in excellent condition.

In automotive sales, our first responsibility is to the dealership and employer. Every attempt was made to convince John that a new vehicle would be his best option. However, he was only interested in one vehicle.

There comes a point when our responsibility transitions from making a sale and becomes helping a client get the product they want, not what we’re selling. I reached that point with John.  It became clear that he only would settle for his unicorn, which I believed was going to be impossible to find. However, I also believed that by giving John a sincere transparent effort at finding the vehicle, he would come to realize that it couldn’t be found, and hopefully give in and buy something new from me. 

Each week John would stop by the dealership, and we would search the internet using CarGurus an automotive research and shopping website that assists users in comparing local listings for used and new cars and contacting sellers. Users can search for specific cars and compare listings by price, features, and dealership reputation.

Finally, we found the unicorn! It looked like the perfect vehicle. The dealership seemed reputable, and John was ready to travel.  Within two hours John has a deposit on the vehicle.  Everything checked out and john purchased a 2015 Honda Pilot EXL … from another dealership.

John found what he wanted and is happy to this day with his purchase.  There is no question that I did the right thing for the customer.  Doing the right thing resulted in a donation that will help Mikes's Rides for Lives get a vehicle for someone in need.

In my interview with Ryan, John explains the importance of relationships in business, the importance of transparency, and providing good customer service. I am happy to know John and gladly accepted his donation for Mike’s Rides for Lives.

Watch the stream here:  https://youtu.be/gIk5IeqioHM?t=703

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