Are You Receiving Good Customer Service? in Bremerton, WA

Are You Receiving Good Customer Service?

Mike Columbus's Blog | Are You Receiving Good Customer Service?

You may feel one of these two things when it comes to good customer service:

1. It is disingenuous.

2. Good customer service is lacking.

In case you do feel one of the two, here is what good customer service should look like:

1. You are greeted as soon as you arrive at the dealership and made to feel welcome.

2. A needs assestment is done to ascertain needs, or "gaps" between current conditions and desired conditions or "wants". 

3. Your sales person knows about their profession and products.

4. They have good etiquette and manners.

5. They are respectful.

6. They listen.

7. They are responsive.

8. They ask for your feedback.

9.  You are made to feel comfortable 100% of the time.

10. What your sales person does not know, they have eagerness to find the answer or solution to.

If you are not experiencing this than you should come see me and I will show you what good customer looks like!

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